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Specialist Training

There are many reasons why certain businesses & organisations need to hold & use firearms, for example for bird control at airports, culls within a National Park or for pest control. In order to meet all their legal obligations, businesses & organisations using firearms require professional training, by recognised firearms instructors, able to issue certification recognised in the shooting industry & Police firearms departments. Through our fully qualified firearms instructors, Executive Days provides specialist firearms training into many diverse work based locations, for example in airports & to National Park rangers. Our specialist training programmes include:

A typical training programme starts by establishing the experience of each user, before turning to areas such as withdrawal of a firearm from storage, safe carriage, loading, firing & unloading, & the return to secure storage. Training ensures that all involved understand the need for systems that record the removal & return of firearms to & from safe storage. An understanding of ‘safe areas’ of fire, & ‘fallout’ areas of spent shot, is provided, including consideration of topography, boundaries, safety of persons within any given area, & the potential consequences of incorrect or careless use of a firearm. Training in the storage & use of ammunition, & the maintenance & repair of firearms is provided, as is an explanation of the qualifications needed by staff using firearms, particularly where the licensed users do not use firearms outside of the work environment.

In addition to the training of staff, Executive Days provides a liaison service. In any occupation & location, it is probable that some employees who use firearms may live in more than one Police force area, but all Police forces need to be correctly advised on the role, requirements & experience of employees who are licensed from their home addresses - a service that Executive Days can provide.  

If you have existing firearms users, full refresher training is available for employees who do not use firearms other than for their work, & as such get infrequent opportunities to ‘live fire’.